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Underwriters are People Too!

Underwriters are People Too

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Quick Overview

Agents need underwriters and underwriters need agents in order to write business, or more business, and generate revenue.  

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Duration 1 hour
Location Online Webinar
Formats On-Demand
Instructor Chris BehymerChris Behymer

Generally speaking, symbiotic relationships exist in nature, but if you were to look up the word in the dictionary, one definition of symbiotic is, "any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc."  Sort of sounds like the relationship between agents and underwriters, doesn't it?

Agents need underwriters and underwriters need agents in order to write business, or more business, and generate revenue.  Sometimes the relationship between these two parties can be extremely productive and other times….well, not so much.  The big question is, if we have to work together to achieve our goals, what can we do to coexist? Can't we all just get along?

This webinar explores some of the dynamics of the relationship between company underwriters and the agents with whom they work.  We'll discuss the characteristics of good (and exceptional) underwriters. PLUS, we will take a look at what qualities underwriters look for in their agents.  We will also dive into the predictive underwriting pool to see what's in store for our business as analytics becomes a more and more integral part of pricing and acceptance decisions.  We won't be able to answer the question of who is smarter, the "live" underwriter or the mysterious "black box," but we will certainly get everyone thinking about the next wave of underwriting technology.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will know:

  • The importance of relationships between carriers and their business partners.
  • Some tips on what agents and underwriters can implement to maximize their efforts to write more business.
  • Some ideas on what is in store for the industry in terms of how future underwriting and pricing decisions will be made.
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