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Who Can Buy and Who is Protected by a Homeowners and Personal Auto Policy

Who Can Buy and Who is Protected by a Homeowners and Personal Auto Policy

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Quick Overview

The surprising reality of the HO and PAP policies.


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Duration 1 hour
Location Online Webinar
Formats On-Demand
Instructor Christopher J. BoggsChristopher J. Boggs

Take our word for it, you will be surprised to find out who is eligible for a HO and PAP and who is protected in both policies. This webinar is divided into four sections and is 1 hour in length.

Section I - Who or What is Eligible for a Homeowners Policy

Just exactly who – or what – qualifies for one of the six Homeowners coverage forms? The primary key is occupancy; the secondary key is what is being occupied.

This section walks through the question of Homeowner Policy eligibility, discussing:

  • The six eligibilities for coverage under the HO-2, HO-3, HO-5 and HO-8;
  • The four eligibility requirements for the HO-4; and
  • The two eligibility requirements for coverage under an HO-6.

Section II - Insured Status in the Homeowners Policy: Who IS an "Insured" and Who can be Added

There are four "levels" of "insured" status in the Homeowners Policy, and the breadth of protection narrows as an individual moves "down" the levels. The four levels are:

  1. Named insureds;
  2. Automatic insureds;
  3. Extended insureds; and
  4. Additional insureds.

Two of the questions answered by this section class are: Who falls into each "level?" and When is protection granted to an "insured" within the specified "level?"

This section also details:

  • Who is "You" in the policy and how much coverage does the "You" have;
  • What constitutes a "resident relative;" and
  • Who can be added to the Homeowners Policy as an Additional Insured (the list may surprise you).

Section III - The Personal Auto Policy: Who and What is Eligible for Coverage

Two eligibility questions are answered in this section: 1) Who is eligible for a personal auto policy; and 2) What vehicle types are eligible for coverage? This section details:

  • Who is eligible for a PAP (it may surprise you who or "what" is eligible);
  • What vehicles are primarily eligible for a PAP (and even those that can be "forced" into a PAP); and
  • Endorsements available to expand eligibility.

Section IV - Insured Status in a Personal Auto Policy: Who or What is "Insured" and Who can be Added?

The Personal Auto Policy (PAP) contains four coverage parts and can extend protection to three "levels" of insureds. Like in the HO policy, as you move down levels, the breadth of coverage decreases. This session investigates:

  • The five key definitions surrounding "insured" status;
  • The four coverage parts of the PAP;
  • The three levels of "insured" status; and
  • Who is insured for what in each coverage part and at each level.
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