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How to Get Sued (Or Avoid it If You Wish!)

How to Get Sued (Or Avoid it If You Wish!)

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Quick Overview

Elementary Risk Management Techniques missed by 90% of Agencies


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Duration 1 hour
Location Online Webinar
Formats On-Demand
Instructor Chris BurandChris Burand

This class will cover the major systematic mistakes commonly made by agencies on a regular basis and how using simple solutions, agencies can eliminate most of their exposures. Using these same simple solutions will simultaneously increase agency revenue and profit. As I will show, the problems and solutions are fundamental to every day operations, so the key is execution. I will show the audience how to execute their jobs on a daily basis more proficiently, more professionally, and ultimately, make the staff's jobs easier. I will show that the single most important factor is agency discipline, which is free for those with will power and lacking agency discipline, no other solution is half as good.

This class will also cover new and emerging E&O exposures that result from new marketing, advertising, and operational business models being advocated by consultants and marketing firms.

  • One E&O claim, even if it is a simple claim that never goes to court, will cost you the equivalent of $100,000 commissions sold. One that goes to court, but that you win, will likely cost three times that. One that you lose could cost you your agency.
  • In a recession, your customers and carriers cannot afford to be such nice guys. Agents can't afford as many mistakes.
  • Study after study shows most E&O claims can be avoided using simple steps that most agents know, but ignore. Can you afford to ignore the obvious?

This Class will Cover:

  • 1. A new way of thinking about your job that will go a long way toward decreasing E&O exposures , improving your clients' security, and making your job more rewarding.
  • 2. The tools required to decrease exposures. (These tools are often free!)
  • 3. How to use these tools to create competitive advantages for the best clients.
  • 4. How these simple steps will:
    • a. Decrease E&O exposures
    • b. Increase revenue
    • c. Increase profits
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