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Succession Training (5-part series)

Succession Training (5-part series)

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Quick Overview

In this 5-part webinar, Kathy teaches you valuable skills to become a successful and effective leader.


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Duration 5 hours
Location Online Webinar
Formats On-Demand
Instructor Kathy RyanKathy Ryan

This 5-part series is broken down to five, 1-hour sessions which may be viewed at your convenience.

You may also purchase each class individually- please see links below.

Part 1: Maximizing Your Impact: The Art of Influencing Others

There is nothing more imperative to success in business than being able to influence others. Your employees need to trust you and be receptive to your ideas and advice. Your ability to lead your employees is directly proportional to your ability to influence them.

In this session we explore the foundational qualities and values necessary for becoming a successful leader. We'll discuss the difference between leadership and management; and how to be the influential leader that your employees need. Don't miss this opportunity to learn some of the most effective ways to lead your team to success.

You may purchase this webinar individually, here.

Students in this session learn:

  • The Difference Between Leadership and Management
  • The role of Influence in Leadership
  • How to Build Trust and Credibility
  • How to Build Relationships Across the Organizational Chart

You may purchase this webinar individually, here.

Part 2: Building Your Team: Hiring, Training and Retaining the Best People

Finding the best employees in today's competitive market can be challenging. Picking people who are the "right fit" for your team can be even more challenging. Not only do you need to know what skills, talent and traits the "right" person must have, you must also know how to retain that "right" person once you find them.

Adding talented people who will support your mission and can achieve outstanding results is essential to the success of your business. Join us as we discuss some of the most successful ways to building your "dream" team.

Students in this session learn:

  • A Method to Analyze Staffing Needs
  • What Behavioral-Based Interviews are and How to Conduct Them
  • How to Create Individual Training Plans
  • Tips for Retaining Key Employees

You may purchase this webinar individually, here.

Part 3: The Performance Management Process: Linking Performance to Results

Companies and agencies with a formal employee goal-setting process followed and enforced by performance reviews against those goals, will outperform those that don't have such a system in place. Plus, linking individual goals to the overall goals of the organization ensures that your employees are invested in the success of the business. Common goals and priorities create a unified effort when it comes to managing performance. Maximum business success requires everyone moving in the same direction. An effective Performance Management Process can help you and your business accomplish its goals.

In this webinar, we will provide you with an overview of the steps involved in creating and executing within your organization a successful Performance Management Process. Useful strategies and tools are offered which you can immediately implement to help link the goals of the business to the daily activities and efforts of your team members.

Students in this session learn:

  • The Importance of Tying Individual Goals to the Business Plan
  • How to Write Effective Goals
  • Tips for Conducting an Annual Review Process
  • The Benefits of Linking Compensation to Performance

You may purchase this webinar individually, here.

Part 4: Fearless Feedback: Getting Comfortable with Providing Feedback

Positive feedback is an often underutilized employee motivation tool. Honest feedback regarding performance issues requires having uncomfortable and difficult conversations, but these are essential to helping your employees excel and reach their full potential.

Addressing employee behavior and performance issues can be an intimidating process. Often, the anxiety around finding the right words to communicate your message, or handling the emotional reactions from the employee is enough to make these the "conversations to avoid." The reality, of course, is that avoidance only allows the situation to deteriorate. The ability to effectively prepare for and conduct a productive counseling session is an essential skill for any leader in today's workplace.

In this webinar, you are provided with useful strategies and tools that you can immediately execute to help increase your comfort and confidence when conducting a difficult conversation.

Students in this session learn:

  • Methods of Providing Feedback
  • A Coaching Conversation Model
  • How to Handle Challenging Conversations
  • The Role of Documentation

You may purchase this webinar individually, here.

Part 5: Team Leadership: Motivating and Inspiring Your Team

When it comes to attaining professional goals, motivation and inspiration are key. Your team looks to you as their leader to set direction, provide guidance and instruction, remove obstacles and inspire them to greatness.

In order to be a great leader, you have to have people willing to follow you. The responsibilities of a leader vary from organization to organization, but the foundations of a great leader rarely change. Most of us need to work at being an effective leader by continually working on our skills and learning different ways to inspire our employees.

Join us as we discuss some quick and easy tools you can implement right away.

Participants in this session learn:

  • How to Effectively Communicate Your Vision for the Future
  • Strategies to Motivate and Reward Employees
  • How to Identify and Eliminate Detractors to Team Success
  • A Model to Assess and Positively Influence Morale

You may purchase this webinar individually, here.

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