The Inertia of Legacy

Chris Cline By Chris Cline

Using Newton's Laws of Transformative Change - A Science Geek's Guide to Managing Your Own Legacy

The Inertia of Legacy

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About the Book

Chris Cline has always had a way of connecting disparate dots and making connections where there doesn't seem to be one. In The Inertia of Legacy, he connects Newton's First Law of Motion with the legacy that we all will leave behind us. What does inertia have to do with legacy? That's what this book explores and that's the message that will help all of us to build a legacy that we can be proud of.

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The lessons and principles in this book are the "secret sauce" to the personal life and business culture you've always wanted. If you're not living the life you've dreamed of then ...

Brian Wick
QTL Holdings


Inertia of Legacy inspires readers to actively build the legacy they're destined for. Artfully integrating theory and science, the author also equips you with practical tools ...

Dani Kimble
Azelie Studio


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About the Author

Chris Cline

Chris Cline has been fascinated by science, design, and the arts his entire life. He's also spent most of his personal and professional life as an outlier. It's this combination of traits that has provide insight into his diverse interests and approach to life.

Chris was fortunate to begin his career as a graphic designer at an insurance company that afforded him many opportunities to learn and grow. A senior executive once said to Chris, “I am not sure if you are the most creative analytic I've ever met, or the most analytic creative…but, you do not think like most in this industry.”

Through his career, Chris been a part of several incredible teams, he co-developed and hosted an award-winning podcast, and was presented with the Independence Bell Award as industry person of the year by the Ohio Insurance Agents Association in 2022 for his passion and dedication to the industry.

Chris currently resides in Ohio with his wonderful wife and son where they enjoy camping as much as they can. Though he has deep personal passions, none of them are as important to Chris as that of his family.

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The Inertia of Legacy

Chris Cline By Chris Cline

Using Newton's Laws of Transformative Change - A Science Geek's Guide to Managing Your Own Legacy

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