For the first time ever, there is a children's book that teaches kids about insurance in a fun way!

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Popsicle Insurance is our first offering for the next generation of insurance professionals and consumers.

Popsicle Insurance is the long overdue, first of its kind children’s book, guaranteed to make insurance learning fun.

This imaginative story takes a look at the world of insurance and all of the ways it helps people and families in their daily lives through the eyes of a child.

Join Drexler as he:

Finds out about what insurance is and why we need it.

Uses his whimsical imagination to make his insurance learning fun!

Learns how his Dad helps people every day as an insurance agent.

Why did we make Popsicle Insurance?

Our goal is simple. We wanted to provide a fun way to teach kids about this important topic, and cultivate the spark of insurance learning in young minds!

Made specially for:

Insurance Agencies looking to help kids learn more about insurance in an entertaining way.

Insurance Professionals with children who want a fun and educational way to explain what they do.

Parents looking for a story for your children that is different but relatable and amusing.

Young Readers looking for a book that sparks the imagination but teaches about something that benefits us everyday.

Jump into the amusing world of Drexler and his family in Popsicle Insurance.

A story about a kid who learns that insurance is important to protect people from the bad stuff that happens in life.

Interested in Wholesale purchase?

Are you an agent looking to give a gift to your customers? Maybe a school wanting to expose children to the necessity of insurance? Maybe you want to add something special to your office waiting room?

Whatever the reason we are excited to spread insurance learning.