From Stone Tablets to Satellites

Barry Rabkin By Barry Rabkin

A book about the insurance industry's continual awkward (yet intimate) relationship with technology.

Available June 28th
From Stone Tablets to Satellites

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About the Book

Stone Tablets to Satellites is about the insurance industry and its uncomfortable and mostly awkward relationship with technological change. Insurance has always relied on technology. Rather than fully adopt new technologies, the industry tends to prefer to patch and maintain the old technology and force it to work with new things only when necessary.

Barry Rabkin paints a picture of what it could look like as the insurance universe works to improve its intimacy with technology.

Here are highlights from each section of the book.

1 Foundation

This section includes four chapters that encompass discussions of the shifting conduct of commerce; the nature of the intimate but awkward relationships between the P&C insurance industry and technology; technology being the DNA of society; and of the five technology eras that society and the insurance industry have experienced.

2 The Insurance Decision Matrix

This section includes three chapters that encompass discussions of the ancestral insurance decision matrix, resolving the ancestral insurance decision matrix, and of the modern insurance decision matrix and resolving it.

3 Strategic and Business Models

This section includes six chapters that encompass an overview discussion of strategic perspectives; a discussion of expanding business models; of moats defending business models; of both the Amazon and Netflix business models; of an insurance business model; and of lessons which insurers can learn from the Amazon and Netflix business models.

4 Tactical Perspectives: Actions Supporting Strategies

This section includes four chapters which encompass a discussion of insurance value chains; of shared systems which are a bundling of value chains; of market platforms which essentially leverage the Interconnected Technology Era (note: this is one of the five technology eras I discuss in Section 1); and of industry ecosystems which are triggering frameworks and actions for the On-Demand Era (note: this is also one of the five technology eras I discuss in Section 1).

5 Insurance Commerce Perspectives

This section includes seven chapters that encompass a discussion of risk landscape perspectives, customer perspectives, carrier perspectives; product development perspectives; channel management perspectives; producer productivity perspectives, and claim management perspectives.

6 Data Analytics Perspectives

This section includes three chapters that encompass discussions of data perspectives, analytics perspectives, and of specific analytical solution perspectives.

7 The Road Ahead

This final section includes three chapters which encompass a discussion of the forces that shape the success of insurance initiatives, a discussion of a P&C carrier roadmap, and a discussion that focuses on insurance firms need to keep the intimacy while losing the awkwardness.

After reading this book you will be conviced that...

The insurance industry relies on technology and should embrace that reliance. Technological change has always been a part of the insurance landscape.

From Stone Tablets to Satellites

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Reviews and Testimonials

Don't take our word for it! Although the book isn't out yet, it has already recieved praise and recognition from those in the industry.

Barry Rabkin's “Stone Tablets to Satellites” is an absolute must read for P&C insurance professionals, technology companies and experts who aim to support or provide solutions to Property & Casualty insurance carriers.

Dean Barry
State Farm

Corporate Executive, Insurance Operations, Former Vice President of Operations

This book dismantles the belief that insurance is boring. Barry weaves historical references to an in-depth discussion on the structures, business models, processes, and opportunities in the insurance industry – just enough that you don't get sidetracked, but enough to realize that the business of insurance is foundational and sustainable, transforming as needed through time.

Michael Araneta
Financial Insights, Asia/Pacific

Assistant Vice President, IDC

Barry Rabkin’s entire career has prepared him to write this book. He provides an insightful and well-articulated journey for both the insurance veteran and the novice, (the) lessons apply equally, as they envision how to deliver long term value to the modern customer and a continuous path-to-profit to the insurer while navigating a fast-evolving risk landscape. A “how to” must read for anyone exploring (or contemplating) a transformation of the insurance industry

Alberto (Al) Vilar

Founder, CEO

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About the Author

Barry Rabkin

Barry Rabkin's forty-plus year insurance career has been driven by curiosity and passion to analyze the “why and what” about technology's potential impact on the insurance industry. He worked for and consulted to insurers as well as having launched and led insurance industry analyst practices at The Meta Group, IDC, and Omdia.

His research encompasses customer experience, marketing and distribution, channel management, mobility, geospatial, and IoT. He has delivered scores of presentations globally to insurance and technology audiences concerning the role technology should play in the industry to get and keep customers.

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