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Customer Service

If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please contact George at:


phone: 800-897-9965 x166

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I can’t make the live webinar?

    If you can’t make the live webinar, you may still purchase the webinar prior to the live date. If you choose to do this, you will automatically be sent the On Demand link as soon as it’s available (within 3 business days of the live webinar), whether you were able to attend or not. The benefit of purchasing the webinar prior to the live date is that you will be able to take advantage of any special pre-class pricing that might be offered; special pre-class pricing is generally not available if you wait until after the class.
  2. Are your webinars recorded?

    All classes are recorded and are sent to every student who pre-registers for the class whether he or she attends the class or not. Most classes are made available for purchase On Demand.
  3. When are recordings available for On Demand purchase?

    Recordings are available within 3 business days of the live webinar and will be available for purchase on our website. If you have purchased the webinar before the On Demand recording is active, as soon as the recording is available it’s automatically available in your account on Once you’re logged in, choose “My Accounts” and then choose “My Downloadable Products.”
  4. Do you have a list of previously recorded webinars?

    All of our previously recorded webinars that are made available for purchase will be available on our website. You can search through our On Demand courses by choosing “Course Catalog” and then choosing “On Demand” from the drop down menu.
  5. How do I listen in to the webinar?

    Upon registering for a live webinar, you will be sent the log-in information. The day prior to the webinar you will receive a reminder email which will include the  log-in information for the webinar. You will log-in to view the webinar and you will listen in by calling the phone number provided or by utilizing your computer speakers.
  6. Do you have group rates for live webinars?

    At this time we do not have group rates for individual, live webinars. If there are a few of you (from the same company and same office building) wishing to participate in the live webinar, reach out to the Customer Experience Specialist (contact info on the top of this page) to discuss purchasing the webinar. We do offer aggressively priced group memberships, allowing for unlimited users and unlimited content, all for a flat annual fee! Contact us for more info and pricing.
  7. How and when will I get the recording of the live webinar?

    If you registered for the live webinar, you will have automatic access to the recording within 3 business days of the live webinar. If you have signed up for the live webinar, you will be able to access the recording by logging into your account on The On Demand link will be activated within 3 business days of the live webinar.
  8. I see that the webinar is on sale, how long will that last?

    The special pricing for our webinars, vary. Typically the special pricing for the live webinar will end the day prior to the live webinar. If you would like to purchase the class, but are waiting on approval, please contact us (listed on the top of this page) during the promotional price period.
  9. Why is the site asking me to create a password when I’m checking out?

    In order to have access to the courses you have purchased (Live and On Demand), you will need to create an account on the Academy’s site at Once you have initially created your account (by entering and confirming a password), you can log-in to the by typing your email address and your password. You can then view all the courses you have purchased.
  10. Do you keep credit card information?

    No. For your protection, we do not store any credit card information.
  11. Do you offer any CE?

    As an international education provider we feel we can serve you better if we focus on creating and providing you the best available training rather than managing state certifications. Because of this desire to serve, we do not offer any continuing education credit for our webinars.
  12. I/we take several of your classes, is there a way we can get a discount on future classes?

    Yes! In fact we'd love for you to become a member, where you can watch all of the live and on-demand content you want for one, flat, annual fee. Reach out to us via the contact info on the top of this page.
  13. I am a member of an insurance association, is there a way for the association to give our members a reduced rate?

    We are happy to discuss discounts for Insurance affiliation programs, just reach out (contact info on the top of this page).