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Language v. Logic: Knowing When to Argue Policy Language or Logic

Language v. Logic: Knowing When to Argue Policy Language or Logic

Quick Overview

Sometimes getting a claim paid comes down to who can make the best argument for or against coverage. Insurance policies use very specific language, but the best answer to the question of coverage is often, it depends or maybe. Join us as Michael Gay brings his session comparing logic and language.


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Duration 1 hour
Location Online Webinar
Formats On-Demand
Instructor Michael GayMichael Gay

Have you ever had a claim denied for one of your insureds but you felt that it should have been paid? Fact is, a claim can often be paid on denied based on who makes the most compelling argument for, or against coverage. This course will explore the principles of “logic” and “language” in the interpretation of an insurance contract, and give a five-step process that will improve the odds of getting a coverage dispute resolved in your insured’s favor.

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