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2019 Condominium Bundle

2019 Condominium Bundle

Quick Overview

Three popular courses offering in depth training on the coverage issues that exist when the insured is a condo unit owner, or association.


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Get access for just $39! Become a member and get access to this course, PLUS our library of 350+ on-demand courses!

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Duration 3 hours
Location Online Webinar
Formats On-Demand
Instructors Christopher J. BoggsChristopher J. Boggs Betsey BrewerBetsey Brewer

This bundle includes 3 must see condo classes and two e-books. Each class is one hour and you can view or listen to it at your convenience. Each on-demand class is available to stream, or download to your device.

We know that condominiums are complicated because you're been sending us questions about them. That's why we put together this comprehensive learning bundle for you. Here are the classes that are included:

  1. Class #1: Insuring Condo Property and Liability Exposures – In this class, we'll help you determine the best ways to cover the property and liability exposures common to condominium associations and unit owners.
  2. Class #2: Condominium D&O – This class will give you the basics you'll need to help condominium association boards make wise decisions regarding their D&O coverage.
  3. Class #3: Insuring Condominium Association D&O Exposures – Here, we dive deeper into the condominium directors' and officers' liability exposures and why the association needs D&O coverage.

Beyond that, we wanted you to have these two free e-books. Download them to your phone and keep them with you all the time.

  1. Free e-book included: Writing Property & Liability Coverage for Condos – Since we figure you'll want a resource that you can take with you everywhere, we want you to have this e-book. It puts in writing the concepts that you heard in the Insuring Condo Property and Liability Exposures class.
  2. 2nd Free e-book included: Glossary of Insurance Terms – Even the most seasoned among us have to look up words here and there. We want you to have this e-book in a format that makes it easy for you to use. You can keep it on your phone so that when your customer asks you about a word, you can quickly look it up and they'll know that you know your stuff.
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