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Resolving Claims Disputes: Legal and Contractual Principles - Part 1 of 2

Legal and Contractual Principles 1

Quick Overview

This is a special Academy Event in 12 parts. Welcome to part 7!

Join us as renowned insurance educator, author, and speaker, Bill Wilson, starts to walk us through his best selling book, "When Words Collide".

In this session, he explains what he means by the RTFP Doctrine and why you must employ this whenever reading a policy.

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Duration 1 hour
Location Online Webinar
Formats On-Demand
Instructor Bill WilsonBill Wilson

This webinar examines 11 of 17 legal and contractual principles that can be used to successfully resolve claim disputes, including policy language intent, reasonable expectations, entirety of contract, parol evidence and extrinsic evidence, unconscionable advantage, illusory coverage, detrimental reliance, waiver and estoppel, breach of contract, reformation and rescission, and substantial performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why an insured's reasonable coverage expectations usually override the insurer's coverage intent as expressed by the insurance contract language and what insurers can do about that.
  • Learn how reviewing the entire contract within the context of the facts and circumstances of each claim, coupled with extrinsic evidence, can identify and overcome an insurer's unconscionable advantage.
  • Recognize and avoid policy forms that provide illusory coverage and identify situations where detrimental reliance and waiver and estoppel may be employed to reverse claim denials.
  • Identify breach of contract actions and when contract reformation and rescission, along with substantial performance, principles may be employed to overturn claim denials.
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