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When Words Collide - The 12 Part Series Bundle

Bill Wilson Webinar Series

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Quick Overview

Have you ever wondered why a claim that seemed clearly covered was denied?

Have you ever tried to convince someone that your reading of the policy was correct?

Have you ever tried to help someone to get a claim covered when the adjuster denied coverage?

Join us as Bill Wilson walks us through his bestselling book, When Words Collide. You get to hear from Bill monthly all year and by the end of the year, you'll be a better insurance professional.

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Date Jun 11, 2019
Time 10:30am Pacific / 1:30pm Eastern
Duration 12 hours
Location Online Webinar
Formats Live
Instructor Bill WilsonBill Wilson


"This book is different from any other 'reference' book you've ever bought."

This is how Bill Wilson opened his bestselling book, When Words Collide - Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes.

Insurance policies are complicated. Further complicating life is the simple truth that two people can read the same document and interpret it differently (sometimes very differently.)

The Academy of Insurance is thrilled to have partnered with Bill to present this monthly series, walking us through his time tested method of helping people understand their insurance policies and helping them to get their claims paid and to understand clearly why a claim might be legitimately denied.

Join us as Bill leads us through these monthly sessions.

  1. How to Resolve Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes (January 8)
  2. Why Claims are Denied (February 12)
  3. Two Ways to Deal with Claims Disputes: Avoidance and Resolution (March 12)
  4. Avoiding Claims Disputes: Prevention (April 9)
  5. Resolving Claims Disputes: Advocacy (May 14)
  6. Resolving Claims Disputes: Step 0 (June 11)
  7. Resolving Claims Disputes: Step 1 The RTFP Doctrine (July 2)
  8. Resolving Claims Disputes: Step 2 Other Policy Interpretation Doctrines (August 13)
  9. Resolving Claims Disputes: Step 3 Document the Interpretation Part 1 (September 10)
  10. Resolving Claims Disputes: Step 3 Document the Interpretation Part 2 (October 8)
  11. Resolving Claims Disputes: Step 3 Document the Interpretation Part 3 (November 12)
  12. Resolving Claims Disputes: Step 4 Plead Your Case (December 10)

There are three ways to get this series.

  • You can use the links above to sign up for each session individually at $99 each. That's a value of $1,188.
  • You can purchase this package today for $397.
  • You can become an Academy member for $279 and get access to this and the rest of the Academy's catalog, too.

PS - If you pick up Bill's book on Amazon, you'll have a leg up on all the great help he'll bring us.

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