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Commercial Property Master Class - The 8 Part Series

Commercial Property Master Class - The 8 Part Series

Quick Overview

Our Commercial Property Master Class is an eight-part class that takes participants through the details of property underwriting and commercial property policies. Each class is designed to build on the others, giving you a full understanding of the Commercial Property policy.

This class is designed for those who want to know more about commercial property and are willing to take some time to learn about it.

Join us as Patrick Wraight, Academy Director of Education, brings his insurance experience to bear to help you become more confident in understanding and applying the commercial property policy.


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Duration 1 hour
Location Online Webinar
Formats Live
Instructor Patrick WraightPatrick Wraight

How's your commercial property expertise? If you're not the expert that you want to be, this series is designed to help you. Over eight sessions, we will walk through many commercial property concepts, including:

  • What's important about building construction?
  • Why do we care about what's going on in the building?
  • What property is covered on a commercial property policy?
  • What are the covered causes of loss?
  • What endorsements are available to modify the commercial property policy?

We have now set the Commercial Property Master Class up so that you can sign up for the whole series at once.

We designed this master class to let you jump in at any point. The classes build on each other but are separate enough that you don't have to attend them in any specific order or start with any specific one. Jump in at class number one, six, or any other. By the end, you'll have the full picture. Here are the eight sessions that you will attend.

  1. COPE (Construction)
  2. COPE (Occupancy)
  3. COPE (Protection & Exposure)
  4. Commercial Property Policies and Policy Structure
  5. Covered Property and Property Not Covered
  6. Additional Coverages, Coverage Extensions, and Optional Coverages
  7. Causes of Loss Forms and Exclusion 
  8. Selected Endorsements

Individually, these eight sessions cost over $1,000. This bundle gives you these eight hours of learning at one cost, saving 15%.

Once you've attended all of the sessions, you can sign up for and take our end of course assessment. Earn a passing grade and you'll be given your certificate as an Academy of Insurance Commercial Property Master.

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