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D&O 101: Understanding Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Goanos infuses his analyses and explanations with real-world war stories from the front lines of D&O Insurance to illustrate the importance of various principles. The book contains a chapter of career advice from more than 60 senior insurance executives, including 25 current or former CEOs. Respected leaders such as Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, Brian Duperreault, Stephen Way, Dinos Iordanou, Kevin Kelley and many others provide their unique insights on career advancement. D&O 101’s glossary of over 130 insurance terms includes colloquialisms not found elsewhere. ...   Learn More

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50 E&O Tips You Should Never Forget

So you think you’ve heard everything possible regarding how to save your agency from E&O claims?  This book will challenge that presumption.  Even if you’ve heard and read every protective measure possible, have all your employees read and heard every protective measure too?  This book presents 50 tips in practical settings with practical solutions without getting into the minutia of policy language and case law. ...   Learn More

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What has ISO Done to Us?

Insurance Services Office (ISO) has made major changes to its key commercial lines coverages for the first time in several years. Existing forms and endorsements have been altered or removed completely, and several new forms and endorsements are introduced in these major filings. The following pages highlight and even detail ISO's Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Businessowners Program filings.. ...   Learn More

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12 Most Common Workers Compensation Questions

Answers to 12 of the Most Commonly Asked Workers' Compensation Questions

You are the star when you give your client a copy of this booklet! Because it is packed with useful information, yet it is small enough to fit in their pocket. We have made it easy for you to purchase them in bulk so that you can give them to all your clients and prospects as part of your ongoing marketing efforts.

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Insurance vs Risk Management Book

Insurance, Risk & Risk Management! The Insurance Professional's Basic Guide to Risk Management and Insurance

Is “risk” the enemy or is it necessary? What is risk management? How does insurance fit into the concept of risk management? This book defines risk, discusses the theory of risk management, details the risk management process, and delves into insurance and its rightful place within risk management and the risk management process. Learn More

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12 Most Misunderstood Insurance Coverages, Concepts and Exclusions Book

Wow! I Never Knew That! 12 of the Most Misunderstood and Misused P&C Insurance Coverages, Concepts and Exclusions

This book details 12 insurance coverages, exclusions, and concepts that many, if not most, insurance practitioners don’t fully understand or simply choose to ignore.  Learn More

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Property Casualty Insurance Concepts Book

Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified

This book details key property and casualty concepts rarely discussed or found in print; rather they are often left to be “discovered” over time. These important concepts are now written down for all insurance practitioners to easily access. Learn More

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Workers Compensation Book

The Insurance Professional's Practical Guide to Workers'
Compensation: From History through Audit

This is not your ordinary workers' compensation book. Workers'
compensation coverage is relatively easy to understand. It's the legal, procedural and contractual issues surrounding workers' compensation that are complicated. Learn More

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Business Income Insurance Coverage Book

Business Income Insurance Demystified: The Simplified
Guide to Understanding Business Income Coverage

"Business Income Insurance Demystified: The Simplified Guide to Time Element Coverages - Third Edition" details the purpose, processes, and intricacies of business income coverage; and like the title suggests - simplifies buisness income for the insurance professional.  Learn More

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Insurance Terms Definitions Book

Glossary of Insurance Terms

A comprehensive resource of insurance terms and definitions compiled from the Academy of Insurance's five insurance and risk management books. ...   Learn More

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Property & Liability Coverage for Condos Book

Writing Property & Liability Coverage for Condos

Condominium-style living arrangements create unique insurance problems for both the association and the unit owners. This book teaches the two questions that must be answered to correctly insure the real property. ...   Learn More

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Experience Mod Book

The Experience Mod Worksheet

This e-book clears up the mystery behind the development of the experience mod and teaches you three questions you need to understand the experience mod. ...   Learn More

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Risk Financing Option Book

Choosing the Best Risk Financing Option

Is your client a risk taker? How do you know? Insureds have many different options for financing their risk of loss from traditional, first dollar insurance up to full intentional self-insurance. But which option is the best? ...   Learn More

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Enterprise Risk Management Book

The Truth About Enterprise Risk Management

ERM is a powerful instrument for directing the entity towards the best options for managing its protection goals. But even the power of a properly developed and managed enterprise risk management program is limited. The truth of enterprise risk management is that there may be too many limitations to make it a fully viable possibility. ...   Learn More

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